Easter Flowers & Chocolates

Easter is my favourite time of year. The abundance of chocolate and colourful flowers might have something to do with it.

Get creative with spring flowers and bulbs and plant a flower arrangement for the Easter weekend. Below is just such an arrangement I made using a wide mouthed urn. The cut flowers are drinking from water filled jars that’s hidden by moss and planted primulas. I added bulb plants like hyacinths for fragrances and that spring feeling. Blossom branches adds texture and a bit of drama. If you don’t have an urn, a shallow bowl or tray will work too.

Spring urn flowers for Easter

Spring urn flowers for Easter

After playing around with this flower garden, I think it’s ok to over indulge in some Easter chocolate. I could not resist adding the very new Gin & Elderflower tipple into the mix.

Easter chocolate are not just for kids, right? See my selection of the best Easter chocolates with the grown-up’s in mind:


Easter Chocolate Aldi, Hotel Chocolat, Betty's, Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin


Now for the more colourful and fun-loving choices:

Easter Chocolate, Prestat, Waitrose, M&S, Sainsbury's


Shopping Credits:

Specially Selected Exquisite Easter Egg, £7.99, Aldi

Extra thick egg with choc  selection, £27, Hotel Chocolat

Medium milk chocolate spring flowers egg, £27.50, Betty’s

Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin, £33, Amazon

Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle in a Real Eggshell, £4.95,  Prestat

Fiona Cairns  cupcakes, from £1.25 each, Waitrose

Beau Bunny, £2.50, M&S
Hen House eggs, £15, M&S

Easter Bunny pack, £2.50, Sainsbury’s


Feature and Flower photos: Theoda Solms Iles

Easter & Spring Wreath

Easter is my favourite holiday and not only because of the chocolate indulgence but also the abundance of flowers that are becoming so readily available. I kind of much prefer it over Christmas. However, the one thing Christmas has that I do like, is Christmas wreaths, so why not borrow the wreath idea and reinvent your own version for spring and Easter.


Easter & Spring wreath made from long holly tendrils, pansy and moss & twigs


I made this simple wreath yesterday afternoon from three long Holly bush tendrils that I tied together with bits of wire. Luckily the holly leaves are not too obvious holly shaped! These tendrils are long and very flexibly, you need a bendy plant to make it easier. You can also use willow branches, pussy willow or forsythia for colour (alternatively, buy a ready-made wreath form any florist or craft shop).

For my Spring and Easter touch, I added a purple miniature pansy plant, complete with roots and soil that I wrapped with moss. I’m resting the plant on top of more moss tying it all to the wreath with twine. I finished it off with a few dried bendy twigs that I twisted together to give the illusion of a nest. Adding artificial eggs will also look cute. I initially made this wreath for the front door, but now I like it so much inside, I think it can stay right where it is.


Easter & Spring wreath made from long holly tendrils, pansy and moss & twigs




Easter & Spring wreath made from long holly tendrils, pansy and moss & twigs


Feature, Styling and Photos by Theoda Solms Iles