The Simple Things – Friday Flowers

It’s often the simple things in life that makes all the difference. The past few weeks saw the emerging of purple crocuses painting the lawns purple, lively bushes of snowdrops seem to sprung up overnight and the daffodils have surprised us in early December. But none of those made my heart smile as much as this little posy of wild growing park flowers. My little 4-year-old daughter picked them for me on the way home from school. The simple things are often the best; we must just open ourselves up to them more often and make time to stop to smell and roses, in this case, the daffodils!

The Simple Things

The Simple Things – Daffodil, Snowdrop, Crocus & Dandelion.

PS: Incidentally, all the flowers she picked happen to match the colours in my dress I wore that day, just perfectly, a stylists dream!


Photo & Words by Theoda Solms Iles

Darling dahlias, part 1 – Friday Flowers

Dahlias has always been one of my favourite flowers for many reasons. As with fashion and interiors, trends often repeat itself and so it is the same with flowers. It seems like the dahlia has made a come-back in the last few years, no doubt, thanks to the vintage look that has been so popular in interiors. Here’s a few of the dahlias that I have been growing in my garden.

Dahlia selection from my garden

Dahlia selection from my garden

Their colours are so vibrant, ranging from pure white shading to yellow, orange, pinks, purple not forgetting the dark red and almost black ones. With varied styles like round pom-pom ones that get fuller and rounder as they open, to the more flat ones with narrow pointy leaves, or the colour shading of the dipped-in-dye-look and then also the elegant flat leaved anemone style ones, I adore them all.

Garden dahlia's in coloured champagne flutes.

Garden dahlia’s in coloured champagne flutes.

A simple display of single stems in coloured champagne flutes make a striking display on my side table.

Garden dahlia's in vintage turquoise milk glass urnGarden dahlia's in vintage turquoise milk glass urn

Garden dahlia’s in vintage turquoise milk glass urn

The same dahlias I then also cut very short and put them in a vintage turquoise milk glass urn, I just had to see what the turquoise and pink combo looks like.

Photos, Styling and Feature by Theoda Solms Iles

Ombré Daisies

I received the sweetest gift a little while back form a dear friend and her husband, they came around for a bbq and presented me with this fabulous purple daisy plant. Apparently, it was all the husband’s idea and he picked the flowering plant too, I was very impressed with him. The purple and white daisies, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus), certainly cheered up a dull area in my front garden and with the ultra violet colour it’s  impossible to miss. With their ombré shading, purple fading into white, these daisies are making a huge comeback. Get yours now!

Purple & White ombre daisy, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus)

Purple & White ombré daisy, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus)

I liked picking them too and putting them in small bud vases throughout my house, these fit particularly well into my living room.

Photos and styling by Theoda Solms Iles