Pink Vases – Elemental by Voyage Maison

One word sprung to mind when I saw these vases; delicious! The pink and purple swirls, the pale blush marbling and together with the glossy finish, they both remind me of giant lollipops. So just imagine how gorgeous they would look, with or without flowers, in any home. Both these vases are from the Elemental collection by Voyage Maison.

The tall bottles shaped vase with delicate marbling in shades of blush pinks, is called  Alcyone tall vase in colour Oyster. The elegant shape of the slim neck is just wide enough for one stem, if any is needed at all. Where as the easy rounded shape of the Melusina vase in colour Tourmaline, lends itself perfectly to be filled with blooms. On their own they look gorgeous too and because of their size, they make a real show.


Voyage Pink vases, Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, wall art, Simba in Watermelon


pink peonies


Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, all by Voyage


Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, fusion Shrabana Lotus all by Voyage


Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, by Voyage


Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, Shrabana Lotus cushion, by Voyage


Alcyone tall vase in Oyster and Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, by Voyage


Voyage is a fabric house known for gorgeous fabrics in prints, weaves and luxe textiles like velvets and stylish embroidered sequined designs. Their colour palate, always rich with deep, moody shades and designs, often reflecting nature. The Voyage Maison range is the home accessory part, boasting a desirable collection of rugs, lamps, more cushions you can dream of and now, most recently, statement glass vases worthy of an art gallery.

Credits:  Alcyone tall vase in Oyster colour, £53, Melusina round vase in Tourmaline, £50, Elemental range available from John Lewis. Wallpaper called wall art; pink and orange twig design, Simba Watermelon. Pink and purple feather design, Nada Lotus. Cushion in Shrabana Lotus.


Styling, Photos & Feature by Theoda Solms Iles


Desk Inspiration – Friday Flowers

I am looking at the most beautiful picture on my desk right now, not one of a fabulous home or a gorgeous interior, but I am looking at a small bunch of peonies that brightens my workspace and creating the prettiest picture around. The reason they look so striking is because they are housed in the most adorable and unique vase I own. This cutie was a gift from my good friend Emma, she knows my taste so well and as she bought it from Anthopologie, it is safe to say that she could hardly go wrong.

Pink Peonies in Purply Pansy vase from Anthropologie

Pink Peonies in purple Pansy vase from Anthropologie

Yesterday I did a little detour past Anthopologie just to look at this collection of flower vases again. I have eyed them up on so many occasions previously, every time unable to decide what my favourite is. Now I think it is time I start my little collection before they sell out. Just look at the collection, impossible to choose just one. Here is a shot of them in store.

Anthopologie Flower Vases

Anthopologie Flower Vases

Photos and Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

Do you have a special flower? – Friday Flowers

I think every flower lover has a few favourite flowers. You might think you have one favourite, but the more you ponder this idea, you could discover you have a whole list of flowers, like the romantic rose, or the blousy peony, maybe the exotic orchid or the simplicity of a daisy appeals to you. So that made me realise that all us flower lovers have a few favourites because of what they mean to us. It might not necessarily be the most beautiful one in the bouquet, but because of a special story or a personal connection that a certain flower evokes, that has created a soft spot in our hearts.

The butterfly looking 'Barnsley' Lavetera x clementii

The butterfly looking ‘Barnsley’ Lavetera x clementii

So earlier in the week there is a knock on the door and when I opened, I was greeted with an array of pink flowers disguising the little delivery man, the 4 year old son of my neighbour and friend.  He said; “my mom are sending these” and when I looked over two doors down, there she was on her doorstep waving at me and shouting over, “I’ve got so many in the garden they are growing so tall and so fast”. And indeed they are, I can see (and admire) them all the way from my garden. She later told me that seeing them bloom in her garden again this year, reminded her about a year ago when her partner and father to her two beautiful children proposed to her. She then took a photo of her hand, sporting her glittering engagement ring, using these fabulous pink flowers as a backdrop.  This photo she then send to her beloved mother all the way in New Zealand to share her happy news and show off her gorgeous engagement ring. Sadly her mom passed away in January, and so I guess these pink beauties became special to her for all sorts of reasons.  I would imagine that she will now always think of the happy moments every time they bloom. I didn’t know the name of them and she also told me they are called ‘Barnsley Lavatera x clementii and that her mother-in-law planted and introduced them to her. What a display they make in her garden.

To me the Barnsley Lavatera looks like hundreds of pink butterflies. Some with their wings closed and some ready to take off. So I was especially keen to put them in this fabulous white china vase adorned with very delicate butterflies. Please get in touch and tell me what certain flowers mean to you.

A Special Moment

A very Special Moment


Photos and Styling by Theoda Solms Iles 

Photo of engagement ring and Lavetera by Avril McDonald