Ian Sanderson does New Vintage

If you are searching for an unusual fabric or wallpaper with a colourful and unique look to it, then search no further.  These vintage Rustica and French seed packet designs by Newbury based fabric house Ian Sanderson, is the coolest thing to happen in fabrics for a while. The longer you stare at these designs, the more detail you notice. They seem to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and have a certain feel good factor about them. Use them in upholstery for a statement piece like an armchair or footstool. I particularly love how they combined the Rustica picture design with the plain print Paper Journal design, seen on the armchair below.

Armchair in 'Rustica' fabric by Ian Sanderson

Armchair in ‘Rustica’ fabric by Ian Sanderson

The ‘Rustica’ design originates from using archive material in the form of front cover images and text from the French country magazine called ‘Rustica’, and transforming it into fascinating designs suitable for interior fabrics and wallpaper. The cushion collection, below, seems to work exceptionally well and are perfect if you just want to add a little touch of this trend.

Cushions made from Ian Sanderson, 'Rustica'

Cushions made from ‘Rustica’ fabric by Ian Sanderson

Go even further with this vibe and make a focal feature with the ‘Seed Packets’ fabric, a complimentary design incorporating loads of vintage seed packet covers, making this one colourful and lively. Both looks will create an unique piece however you use them and become a real talking point. They also remind me so much of the Mr Cuthbert’s Gardening Guide booklets from the 50’s, one of my favourite collections I own (see my previous post).

'Seed Packet' wallaper and fabric by Ian Sanderson

‘Seed Packet’ wallpaper and fabric by Ian Sanderson

This family run business, Ian Sanderson,  has been designing and producing fabrics and trimmings since 1962. Husband and wife team, Julian (son of Ian) and Helen (Head designer) create beautiful, high quality collections of woven and printed textiles in over a hundred designs and in an array of colourways. They are always mindfully preserving the traditions and quality while maintaining the standards that was set when this business started, the kind of attention that one can only find in a family business.

Julian & Helen with 'Rustica' and 'Seed Packet' designs

Julian & Helen with ‘Seed Packet’ and ‘Rustica’ designs

Ian Sanderson Rustica fabric, £70 /m, Paper Journal fabric, £65 /m, Rustica and Seed packet wallpaper, £200 / roll, 70cm (w) x 10m (l), available from Iansanderson.co.uk 

Images supplied by Iansanderson.co.uk

Feature by Theoda Solms Iles


My weekend buy, Mr Cuthbert’s Gardening Books

Just look what I bought on the weekend, eight vintage ‘Mr Cuthbert’s Guide to Growing‘. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them in my local charity shop, I literally grabbed them up and made a dash for the till. I rushed home to show Peter (my husband). He looked at them and said, “very nice, but what are you going to do with them?”. And just like that my bubble was burst. Could he not see how utterly beautiful they are? Well, that got me thinking, I will show him exactly how I will use them. And here are some of my ideas; how to incorporate Mr Cuthbert’s (or any other vintage booklets) into your life.

Dating from 1953 – 1954, Just look at those fabulous illustrations.

Mr Cuthbert's Gardening Books

Mr Cuthbert’s Guide To Growing

Make a display of them. Bundle them all together and tie them up with a pretty string. They will now stand upright so show them off under a glass cloche.

Cloche disply with Mr Cuthbert's Gardening Books

Cloche display with Mr Cuthbert’s Gardening Books

Use each one as a little token gift for a spring lunch with friends. They will brighten up your place setting and make a fabulous talking point. Your friends will love their unique vintage gift.

Table setting gift with Mr Cuthbert's Gardening Books

Table setting gift with Mr Cuthbert’s Guide to Growing

Use them for what they were intended for, great gardening advice on an array of topics and different plants. They will make great reading during those essential tea breaks!

Gardening with Mr Cuthbert's Gardening Books

Gardening with Mr Cuthbert’s Guide to Growing

Enjoy them for their individual charm, appreciate their pretty illustrations and pick up tips along the way.

Gardening tips from Mr Cuthbert's Gardening Books

Gardening tips from Mr Cuthbert’s Gardening Books

All Photography & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles