I’m going Freelance!

Last week was a quite a big week for me. My business cards and postcards arrived through the post even earlier than I expected. I was so excited but my heart was also filled with a feeling of dread and doubt, I was thinking, ‘no turning back now’. There is something official about seeing your name printed in black and white. I have always been very fortunate to have had a steady job, and the last 9 years I have been very happy doing what I love for a top UK glossy magazine. But now is the time to spread my wings, broaden my horizon and chase after the adventures that a world of Freelance could offer me. I know it will be a huge learning curve, but I think I’m ready for it, and if nothing else, it will give me more time with my family.

Here are my business cards and postcards. My good friend and colleague, Mr Glen (also knows as Glen Wilkins), designed them together with my website. I had them printed by Moo.com, a service that I was so impressed with. In fact, I want to order some more, just for the fun of it and I think I will get ones done for LivingColourStyle.com too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 21.57.46


Photography & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles.