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Dead or alive, flowers will look great and make a statement everywhere. ‘Dead’, I hear you say, yes, dead or severely wilted. Photographer and designer, MrGlen have created the most striking fine art photographic prints, using dead and wilted roses to create beautiful moments of blooms past their so-called best. TheOnlyBlackRose opens your eyes by looking at flowers in a different light, next time I will certainly reconsider my wilted blooms before I throw them out. It just goes to show that all stages of a flowers life can still inspire and be a thing of great beauty. I would love to have a collection of these pictures, maybe 3 standing in a row on a shelf or 4 prints hanging in a square against a dark wall (see exclusive reader offer discount, at bottom of this post).

So it was with great pleasure and with interest that I interviewed the very talented Photographer, MrGlen, to get a better insight into his work on TheOnlyBlackRose and to find out more about himself.

Pink Rose by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Pink Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself. 
A: I’m a designer, a photographer and a frustrated painter who recently turned 40 (8 years ago).


Q: How did you come up with the idea to photograph wilting or dead flowers?
A: I think they look beautiful when they’ve just turned, and they wrinkle slightly, the colours change and fade, and the fullness, the blousey-ness, has gone from them. So, I thought I’d try to shoot that. No gimmicks or tricks. I just place them onto a dark background in the window light and try to take a portrait of them.


Purple Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Deep Magenta Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Q: ‘The Only Black Rose’, I love the name, how did that come about?
A: When I opened the Etsy shop they make you pick a name before you can upload anything. I panicked a bit and just wrote that name in the box. I don’t really know where it came from.


Q: Where do you imagine your flower images will be hung or displayed? (what room or interior you think, or anywhere els for that matter)
A: Anywhere you’d have a display of flowers I suppose. I love them in frames just resting against a wall or on a shelf.


Q: Which of these are your favourite and why? 
A: I really love the yellow one. It’s from my garden and was planted for a reason that brings happy memories.


Yellow Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Yellow Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Q: What other flowers is next on your hit-list?
A: I’ve shot quite a few Peonies before, they’ll be going in the shop very soon. They kind of look like old botanical illustrations, quite beautiful. And I have the idea of shooting some Roses that are partially frozen.


Q: What do you usually photograph?
A: I’m a portrait photographer. I love faces and people and people’s stories. It’s a nice process. Meeting someone, then trying to capture something of them in a photograph. Magical.


Q: When did you get your first camera and what did you spend your film on, presuming it was film in those days? 
A: I took a lot of photographs when I was at art college, but can’t really remember what of. Spent a lot of time in the darkroom. But, only seriously started shooting 8 years ago, grew up a bit and stopped hiding behind things.


White Peach Yellow Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

White Peach Yellow Rose picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Q: What do you do in your day job?
A: I do lots of colouring-in for a very popular women’s magazine!


Q: What will you be in your next life? 
A: Gorgeous!


Q: Do you have a favourite colour.
A: The blue Matisse used on the “blue nudes” series. It’s perfect.


Q: What is your favourite Flower and what do you usually buy or pick for your wife?
A: It’s the Golden Celebrations Roses. They are stunning and my favourite. But just google “Monkey Orchid” to see how mad nature can be!


Mixed Coloured Roses picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

Mixed Coloured Roses picture by TheOnlyBlackRose on Etsy

The talented MrGlen

The talented MrGlen

Incidentally, this ‘dark floral’ look is a key trend for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 14 season (but more of that later in the season).


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Images by MrGlen

Feature by Theoda Solms Iles