Festive Foliage Bough

Fancy something a bit different for your door this Christmas? Try a foliage bough instead. I prefer them as they are a bit more organic looking, unusual and very easy to make. Wreaths are so last year, darlings!


Foliage Bough Door Christmas decoration


Foliage Bough Door Christmas decoration

You would need:

Spruce or Fir branches (Holly and Eucalyptus optional to add interest)

Thin wire to tie stems together

Ribbon to decorate

A pretty decoration to add a personal touch (optional)

Battery operated wire fairly lights (optional)

Lay your spruce or fir branches flat on a table and layer shorter holly or eucalyptus stems on-top. Tie all of these stems and branches together with the thin wire. Add a pretty decoration or bauble by wiring it onto a branch as well. Use the ribbon to tie a big knot or bow at the top of the stems, hiding the wire in the process. Suspend your new Festive Foliage Bough from a nail in the door or the door-knocker, alternatively, mine I hung by extending the wire to the top of the door and securing it to the top edge of the door with a staple gun (as it’s the top of the door it will never be visible). Lastly, arrange your fine wire fairy lights between the foliage and hide the battery back to the back of the bough (taping it to the foliage). I pushed my battery back through the letter box on the door and taped it to the inside of the door, so that I can control the switch from the inside of the hall – pretty clever I thought!

Foliage Bough Door Christmas decoration


Foliage Bough Door Christmas decoration


Feature, photos styling: Theoda Solms Iles



Personalise Your Wreath

Welcome your guests with a show-stopping fresh wreath on the front door. Fresh wreaths are great but can be quite pricey and they all seem to have a similar look being traditionally dressed with pinecones, fake berries and dried orange slices. Personalise your own plain wreath with Christmas decorations, baubles, fresh foliage and flowers. This lovely spruce wreath I got from Notcutts Garden Centre (£18.99).



purple bb wreath

HOW TO: Select your baubles, I used inexpensive plastic ones. You will need a firm florist wire, wire clippers or pliers and pretty ribbon to match your look. I cut lots of little bits of wire about 5-10cm long. These I looped through the end of the bauble hole, the remainder of the long wire I use to hook into the foliage of the wreath.

TOP TIP: I chose to keep my baubles only at the top of the wreath for a contemporary look, but evenly spaced baubles all around the wreath will look pretty too.



word wreath

HOW TO: This one is even easier! I used very little wire to secure the ribbon loops of the decorations to the foliage. Seeing the ribbon from the decoration is part of the look and the wire just secures the decoration in place. For this look you don’t need a lot of decorations.

TOP TIP: I chose to stick to an all white theme but adding red and white ribbon will look lovely too and give a fresh Nordic Christmas feel.



cabbages wreath

HOW TO: Decorative fresh cabbage flowers are so showy. Because of their size you only need 3 flower heads and a pretty ribbon for this look. Cut the florist wire about 15cm long and pierce the thick stem of the cabbage flower and wrap the wire around the stem a few times to secure. Use the remainder of the wire length to tie the flower heads to the top of the wreath. Choose a pretty ribbon to make a bow that will finish off this gorgeous wreath.

TOP TIP: Jazz up this style by draping more thin ribbon around the whole wreath, adding more colour and interest.


Feature, Photos & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles