Pepsi & Theoda Solms Iles

Pepsi & Theoda

Hello, my name is Theoda Solms Iles. I’m passionate about interiors, colours, flowers and dogs (not necessarily in that order).
I love all things beautiful and have a special passion for colour, I find colours to be uplifting and they inspire happiness in me. I’m always searching out gorgeous interiors and I appreciate all styles, classic, contemporary or eclectic. I get hugely excited by new homewares and innovative designs and at the same time I adore vintage pieces that have a past and story to tell. I secretly wish I was a florist and probably will be one in my next life, but in the meantime I get my ‘flowers-fix’ on this blog, featuring Friday Flowers, a floral idea once a week, ready to inspire for the weekend. I’m mildly (ok, massively) obsessed with dogs and all of  these things contribute to my life and who I am.
I’m originally from South Africa but have been living in the UK since the summer of 1999. In my day-job I’m a Freelance Interior Stylist. My biggest achievement is being a mommy to my gorgeous little girl and adored by my beloved dog.


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  1. I love your blog! And your beautiful picture!!
    I love flowers too, and look forward to many more flower Fridays.
    Lynn x

    • Thank you Lynneth.
      I hope to keep up the inspiration, do visit again. I’ll let you know how to subscribe soon (once I’ve figured it out myself).
      Best wishes to you,

    • Hey Elle (Pokkel),
      Thank you for your kind comments. Still feeling my way around so watch this space. Hope to keep you entertained.

    • Hello Vicky. You are just about fluent in Afrikaans, that always makes me smile. I am glad you like it. Keep visiting.

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