Cream of the crop – Friday Flowers

I hope you would forgive me today, as I feel slightly smug showing off my beautiful garden roses. Freshly picked from my garden, ‘The Generous Gardener’ (Ausdrawn) is a Rose by David Austin. These flowers are from a climber plant and they bloom so generously from early in the season. The flowers are exquisite and of the old fashioned rose types and with a strong musky scent, so rare in new roses today.

'The Generous Gardener' (Ausdrawn) Roses

‘The Generous Gardener’ (Ausdrawn) Roses

This rose climber grows against my unsightly garage wall. A rather bland brick wall my french doors look out over. However, within the first year of planting two of these rose plants, they already bloomed enough for me to picked generously from, we were so surprised with their rapid growth. Within two years they covered the boring garage wall and now we are left with a show of beautiful roses in abundance. I will also let you know that I am no rose expert, but after having had great success with two other David Austin rose plants in my garden, I recently got a fourth type that I planted at my front door, I will let you know how that one is getting on. I just believe that the David Austin roses are the best and it is so worth investing in them and the varieties they have are incredible.

Freshly picked from my garden, 'The Generous Gardener' (Ausdrawn) Roses

Freshly picked from my garden, ‘The Generous Gardener’ (Ausdrawn) Roses


Photos and styling (and rose growing) by Theoda Solms Iles

9 thoughts on “Cream of the crop – Friday Flowers

    • Ursie, They smell lovely and are so floppy, I like how they drop their petals too, that doesn’t bother me at all.

  1. I completely agree. Nothing comes close to a David Austin Rose bush. These are beautiful and I agree with Ursula your shot makes me think I can smell them. Gorgeous. X

    • Hanli, you are right. Last year a took a photo of them (one I have used on the cover of this blog before) and everybody thought it was a peony.

  2. Sou wat wou gee om sulkes in my tuin te kon he! Pragtig! Mamma se hulle het daar gekuier net nadat jy dit geplant het x

    • Nelia, It is not so much success, but more the luck I have had with these – I think they are fool-proof. Yes, Mom & Dad visited the year they were planted and we enjoyed them together then. Glad they could have seen them too.

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