Ombré Daisies

I received the sweetest gift a little while back form a dear friend and her husband, they came around for a bbq and presented me with this fabulous purple daisy plant. Apparently, it was all the husband’s idea and he picked the flowering plant too, I was very impressed with him. The purple and white daisies, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus), certainly cheered up a dull area in my front garden and with the ultra violet colour it’s  impossible to miss. With their ombré shading, purple fading into white, these daisies are making a huge comeback. Get yours now!

Purple & White ombre daisy, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus)

Purple & White ombré daisy, Cineraria (Senecio hybridus)

I liked picking them too and putting them in small bud vases throughout my house, these fit particularly well into my living room.

Photos and styling by Theoda Solms Iles 

2 thoughts on “Ombré Daisies

  1. Hey, We’ve got these. I had some for a shoot and when we put them in the ground they died nearly straight away. We were really disappointed as they are really happy looking flowers. Within a couple of weeks they all flowered again. They’re still in full bloom now. A true de head and re flower plant. x

    • That is good news then, Emma, I will have to keep an eye on mine. I need to pay some attention to my garden this weekend.

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