Cow Parsley & Lilac – Friday Flowers

Get out outside quickly, the month of May is the time of year that I find England to be at her most beautiful. The trees are filling up with fresh lime-green leaves, the cow parsley is standing waist-high, meadows are overflowing with wild flowers and you can practically hear the grass growing. So having no flowers in your home, really, is no excuse. This weekend I’ll be having friends around and after a busy week there was not much time left for faffing about with pretty displays of floral arrangements, so I went bold and basic. Just fill large containers with a few stems of cows parsley and other vessels or jugs with lilac, ta-dah, flowers done.

Cow Parsley & White Lilac

Cow Parsley & White Lilac

Photos and Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

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