Magnolias in bloom – Friday Flowers

The very exotic Magnolia flower teases all flower lovers around this time of year. Just like a lady with class, she only let us glimpse her beauty for a very short time. Count yourself lucky if your get to enjoy her beautiful blooms for more than a week or two at a time. Although the grand, big, oversize white ‘Magnolia Grandiflora‘ is spectacular in its own way, I like the delicacy of the smaller Magnolia X ‘Serene’ with the saucer shaped leaves in white and blush pink. I like how the tree carries its flowers before the leaves emerge, making sure that nothing distracts from their beauty. No wonder that certain species of magnolia is said be dating back to ancient times, confirming that beauty is indeed timeless.

Magnolia in Wedgwood vases

Magnolia in Wedgwood vases

These beautiful branches I have picked, with permission, from my neighbours garden. Three stems was enough to make a show in these vintage Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston England vases. These vases are part of a small collection I have collected over time. I think they are such classic pieces suited to many flowers, but today they are more than worthy of the elegant Magnolia.

Photography & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

10 thoughts on “Magnolias in bloom – Friday Flowers

    • Jan, Thought you will appreciate them. Dankie vir die offer vir nog n end, maar ek het regtig hie plek vir nog nie (het nog 3 grootes ook)! Ek waardeer jou aanbod en dan jy daaraan gedink het.

  1. Theoda, dit is pragtig en magnolias sal altyd van my gunstelinge wees! Hou van die Wedgwood potte – het darem self so ‘n ene op Milnerton Mark gekoop X

  2. So beautiful Theoda. Magnolias can look so perfect, almost not real – like icing flowers. Thanks, your beautiful flower blog really perks up Fridays.
    xx Maryke

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