Friday Flowers – Narcissi, the 1st blooms in my garden

yellow narcissi

Yellow Narcissi

Today certainly is a happy Friday. I have just discovered the first flowers to bloom in my garden. They are of course the old faithful bulbs of the Narcissi. I was delighted to see this tiny spot of bright yellow shining through my misty window and I had to go outside into the cold immediately to investigate. And there it was, only about six flowers, beautifully opened and wet with the early morning rain. I gave into temptation and picked a few to bring inside.
As they are so tiny I just used a small old sherry glass as a vase to put them in. I bought this vase years ago at a charity shop, there was just the one glass. I liked the lime green and the curvy shaped stem so much. At first I thought what on earth am I going to do with just one odd glass, but it has since come in very handy to hold small flowers or single stems.

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