Red Blossoms – Friday Flowers

I came across these bright red blossoms growing in my local park. I usually associate blossoms with soft pastel colours, so these ones stood out to me and made a really powerful impression. The colour is so vibrant, a red with a strong orange tinge to it. They remind me of something out of the Far East, as if they should be painted on a Japanese watercolour or embroidered on a silk Kimono.

Red Blossoms in twin vase

Red Blossoms in twin vase

The twin-vase I got as gift a few years ago. It is a white ceramic conjoined vase, ever so sweet and perfect for single stems. I don’t know what type of blossoms these are, if anybody recognises them, please let me know so I can put a name to the bloom.

Photos & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

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    • Haha, yes you would know exactly where. I was hoping you would know their name. They grow on a shrub rather than a tree.

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