A Home Filled with Flowers – Friday Flowers

My Flower journey through South Africa continues and my next stop is visiting my eldest sister, Hanli Smuts. Hanli & Anton lives on a gorgeous wine and fruit farm in the fertile Robertson valley, right on the banks of the Breede River. Their garden is absolutely gorgeous and Hanli grows the most beautiful cut flowers. Sometimes, she has so many flowers and foliage, she has to cut bunches and supply to florists, just to spread the wealth and prevent them from going to waste. I stayed with Hanli for 3 days and just about every corner of her home was dressed with beautiful flower moments, just as you’d expect.

Grey foliage and dahlias

A subtle and romantic grey theme for the guest bathroom. Grey foliage of the dusty millar and a hit of pink and purple dahlias adorning glass bud vases.


flower arrangements of dahlias, hydrangea, roses, & red amaranths

A few of the flower arrangements through her home; pink dahlias, roses, red and green amaranths, pink and green hydrangea and a prized deep red cockscomb, all being showed off in a selection of vintage vases.


flowers paintings by Nelia Du Toit

An eclectic picture gallery with the obligatory floral paining or more! The two Iris paintings (top left and middle) as well as the white tulip painting (top right), are all by my other sister, the artist Nelia Solms du Toit (yes, I have 3 sisters and a brother!)


flower arrangements of dahlias, hydrangea, roses, & red amaranths


vintage wall scones filled with fresh herbs and dahlias

Even Hanli’s kitchen sink area allows for a beautiful flower display. Antique wall scones are filled with herbs Hanli uses for cooking daily. By just adding the odd dahlia for colour, this practical solutions becomes a beautiful statement.

Feature & Photos by Theoda Solms Iles

Flowers grown and displayed by Hanli Smuts, Robertson, South Africa


6 thoughts on “A Home Filled with Flowers – Friday Flowers

  1. I just love the paintings buy your sister. The one with the blue iris. Where did you all get your love for flowers? It must run in the family.
    I also LOVE the clever little wall cases next to the kitchen sink. Absolute brilliance. Love the idea of mixing herbs and flowers as well. I need those little vases in my house.
    and lastly, have you ever read a book called the Language of Flowers? You probably have, but if not, I highly recommend it. It is beautiful.
    Lots of love

    • Dearest Annissa, Thank you for all your kind comments. Yes those vintage wall scone (vases) are brilliant right? Search your local vintage and antiques stores for them, they often come in shades of green, cream and pink and you can just imagine how pretty a whole wall covered in them will look. Thanks for the book recommendation, I will add it on my Kindle wish-list, actually I feel like reading it now! Yes mixing flowers and herbs (Tussie Mussi) is a great idea and dates back form the late medieval times and was very popular in the Victorian era (my Mom is an Tussie Mussi expert!). I love what you do too and please keep in touch. t xxx

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