Heads-up On Getting A Head.

Turn heads with these quirky ceramic wall mounted animal head vases. The ceramic heads are hand painted and made form a heavy glaze, each with unique features. Fill them with flowers, herbs, pencils (for the office) or utensils (for the kitchen). Display then grouped together as a herd or line them up in the hallway. However you decide to show them off, be sure of one thing, they will certainly grab the attention of your guests.

Animal head vases by Oakroomshop.co.uk

Animal head vases by Oakroomshop.co.uk

Selection of ceramic Animal Head wall vases in goat, ram, hare, fox, wolf, eagle, brown bear, polar bear, hippo, rhino, camel, wild boar, leopard, lion, tiger, £27.99, Oakroomshop.co.uk 

Feature by Theoda Solms Iles

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