Photo Shoot Flowers – Friday Flowers

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous fresh country-look flowers. All of these pretty stems, I bought at my local florist. I have literally just plonked them in a jug, inside a crate on the floor, all because they are ready to be taken on an interiors photo shoot that I’m styling. I just could to resist letting them leave my house without taking a quick snap of them.

Country flowers for my photo shoot

Country Flowers

Above: Selection of cows parsley, wax flower, delphinium, white lilac, viburnum and more.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Flowers – Friday Flowers

    • Oh Ursie, that is true I guess but I never thought of it as Fynbos. Here the pink one is called ‘wax flower’ but I always thought of and called it ‘tea (tee) bos’. It also comes in white. What do you think is it the same?

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