Colour and Style in store at Jonathan Adler

American designer and hottest name in interiors, Jonathan Adler, recently opened his 2nd store in the UK. I first came to know his work though decorative pottery and ceramic pieces. Quirky objects like half peeled bananas, naive styled lions and rather stylish muse-like ladies appearing on vases. Suddenly menagerie became fashionable and brought to the masses by being stocked at places like John Lewis. Just a few years later, and this American Interiors Hero, opens his first store on Sloane Avenue, and with that, creating a real buzz with everyone in the know, gushing about his fabulous style and flair for fun and colourful design. His latest interiors boutique is situated in trendy Notting Hill, west London. Last week I paid this hot spot a visit to see what’s in store at the moment.

Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store

Lover of bold colours, Mr Adler made it ok to add splashes of bold hues throughout the home, start small with colourful accessories. Photo frames and geometric print cushions jazzes up this cream Rutledge sofa. I have always got the feeling that turquoise might be his favourite colour? I’m just guessing here…


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, canisters on turquoise side table

Don’t you also just love the turquoise upholstered Rococo side table? Never one to shy away from fun, these canisters have become a bit of a trademark, and probably one of the most featured pieces. These ones seen above, are the more PG rated ones, the rest of the collection include holders for all your ‘ingredients’ like Gunja, Poppers, Uppers, Dolls, Prozac and more….


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store

Ice-blue velvet adorn this stylish Lampert sofa, complete with bolsters, buttoned back and seat, I have feeling that this sofa could become my soul mate.


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store

The Rider lounge chair takes inspiration from mid-century California style, the turquoise velvet softens the hard metal elements and makes this the perfect occasional chair.


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, gold accessories

Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, gold accessories

Jonathan Adler never seem to shine away from injecting a bit of glam with the use of golden highlights. Here he goes full-on gilded with vases, cushions, side tables and metal lighting, all being treated to the Midas touch.


Jonathan Adler Mrs Godfrey chair

More gorgeous accessories to fall in love with. Cushions in neutral tones don’t have to be boring, by sporting a classic Greek-key design and a bright trim, they bring a sophisticated fun factor. The Mrs Godfrey armchair in Brighton clay is lovely and will suit most interior schemes.


Jonathan Adler vases and animal objects - dogs and lionThese matt white (and black) decorative objects above, were my first introduction to the Jonathan Adler brand.


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, sofa, coffee table, cushions, rug, accessories

Mid-century inspired vases and objects; grey pottery comes to life with focal areas in colourful glaze. With this love of two-tone geometric patterns, this rug and throw are key to his style and brings the pale Malibu sofa to life. I love the Scalinatella coffee table, a white marble top held aloft by super sexy golden curves.


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, sofa, coloured glass bottles

Brand new colourful bottles, delicate and decorative.


Jonathan Adler Notting Hill store, sofa, coloured glass bottles

The storefront of Jonathan Adler in Notting Hill, West London.


Feature and Photos, Theoda Solms Iles


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