Glam up white Chrysanthemums – Friday Flowers

Chrysanthemums often get a raw deal as they are seen as inexpensive, too commonly available and ‘fillers’ for bouquets. All of those points being true of course, but looking at the positive side, as they are available from just about everywhere at any time of year, you can still have fresh flowers in your home. These white ones was leftover from a bigger bunch of mixed flowers and they lasted the longest. So when the other ‘hero-blooms’ died off, I kept these white chrysanthemums, cut them short and put them in a collection of small silver tea light holders on a mirrored tray. Not bad for a dark January display!

White Chrysanthemums in silver vases

White Chrysanthemums in silver vases


Photo, Styling and Feature by Theoda Solms Iles

2 thoughts on “Glam up white Chrysanthemums – Friday Flowers

  1. Love these! What a great idea and I’m already seeing the chrysanthemum with new eyes. Now all I need is a set of beautiful tea light holders…

    • Hello Tory,
      Thank you for your kind words. As I’m only an amateur photographer, I could have used a lot more natural light during a very dull January morning when they were photographed.

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