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TREND WATCH: Dark Romance is another trend to hit the interiors world this winter, it’s a contemporary mix between dark moody florals with a modern Victoriana influence. Think of old floral still life paintings that comes to life on wallpaper, upholstery, bedding and cushions. The mood is mystical and romantic with an air of opulence with velvets and silks being some of the favourites. The colours are rich tones of berry, pink, moss-green and highlights in peach and gold.  Traditional styles of furniture are updated with glossy paint effects in dark tones and the adoration of floral patterns adds to the detail.

Corine 6ft bedstead,  Feast floral bedset,  Quilted cotton cushion,  Feast floral cushion,  Egyptian cotton pillowcase,  Quilted cotton throw, All M&S, Marks & Spencer

Above: Corine 6ft bedstead £1499, Feast floral bedset £59, Quilted cotton cushion £29.50, Feast floral cushion £25, Egyptian cotton pillowcase £12, Quilted cotton throw £115, all Marks & Spencer.

Rochelle floral mid chest,  Metal weave photo frame,  3 piece floral wall art,  Sophia pressed glass vase,  Mercury glass tea light holder,  Skinny metal candlestick,  Tapered dinner candle,  Anabelle cushion,  Vintage family portrait cushion,  Dark feast floral cushion,  Chenille floral jacquard cushion,  Bantry weave cushion, all Marks & Spencer, M&S

Above Left: Rochelle floral mid chest £599, Metal weave photo frame £29.50, 3 piece floral wall art £39.50, Sophia pressed glass vase £29.50, Mercury glass tealight holder £6 (2), Skinny metal candlestick £19.50, Tapered dinner candle £4 (2), all Marks & Spencer.

Above Right: Anabelle cushion £19.50, Vintage family portrait cushion £25, Dark feast floral cushion £19.50, Chenille floral jacquard cushion £19.50, Bantry weave cushion £12, all Marks & Spencer.


Hackney Empire china range, Midnight plate, £35, Tea cup and saucer, £55, teapot, £70, Houseofhackney.com  Hawthorne Chair in Loseley Park Aqua, £1568.00, Johnsankey.co.uk Artificial dahlia & eucalyptus bouquet, £42, Miafleur.com  Still Life of Flowers tray, £30, Nationalgallery,co,uk  Oriel Midnight garden standard lamo, £795, Houseofhackney.com  D. Muse Chaise in Loseley Park Lime with Upholstery Satin Detail, £1407.00, Johnsankey.co.uk

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BUY INTO THE LOOK. Above, left to right: Hackney Empire china range, Midnight plate, £35, Tea cup and saucer, £55, Teapot, £70, Houseofhackney.com. Hawthorne Chair in Loseley Park Aqua, £1568.00, Johnsankey.co.uk. Artificial dahlia & eucalyptus bouquet, £42, Miafleur.com. Still Life of Flowers tray, £30, Nationalgallery.co.uk. Oriel Midnight Garden standard lamp, £795, Houseofhackney.co.uk. Muse Chaise in Loseley Park Lime with Upholstery Satin Detail, £1407.00, Johnsankey.co.uk. Wallpaper pannel in ‘Zephirine’ Ornamental Garden by Designers Guild, £145 per pannel, Wallpaperdirect.com

Top Tips To get this look, Dark Romance Above image credit: MrGlen, available from Theonlyblackrose at Etsy.com .

Have a look at a previous post on LivingColourStyle all about MrGlen’s gorgeous photographic prints, the ideal item to work this trend.

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