Vintage Pastels for Christmas

Christmas is such a sentimental time of year, reflecting back on happy memories, old stories and feelings of nostalgia. Generally, Christmas is coloured with red and green, gold, silver and white; so seeing Christmas dressed in pastels makes for a lovely change. I fell in love with these vintage pastels that have been revived, they certainly make me smile. I think any colour addict will agree, this pastel Christmas is absolutely beautiful.


Pastels for Christmas

Pastels for Christmas, a vintage house and bauble wreath are the show-stoppers of this display.


Pastels for Christmas

A white tree with pastel decorations and wrapping.


Pastels for Christmas

Dress white china with pastel glasses and accessories, topped off with pastel honeycomb balls


Pastels for Christmas

Vintage decorations and paper bells make for a stunning chair corsage.

These images was beautifully photographed by Mark Scott. Just note the lovely lighting and how the blue walls appear to come alive.  This shoot was styled by myself, together with Alison Davidson and assisted  by Wendy Salmon, while working for Woman & Home magazine UK.

Photography by Mark Scott for Woman & Home magazine UK.

Styling by Theoda Solms Iles, Alison Davidson, assisted by Wendy Salmon.

Feature by Theoda Solms Iles


Personalise Your Wreath

Welcome your guests with a show-stopping fresh wreath on the front door. Fresh wreaths are great but can be quite pricey and they all seem to have a similar look being traditionally dressed with pinecones, fake berries and dried orange slices. Personalise your own plain wreath with Christmas decorations, baubles, fresh foliage and flowers. This lovely spruce wreath I got from Notcutts Garden Centre (£18.99).



purple bb wreath

HOW TO: Select your baubles, I used inexpensive plastic ones. You will need a firm florist wire, wire clippers or pliers and pretty ribbon to match your look. I cut lots of little bits of wire about 5-10cm long. These I looped through the end of the bauble hole, the remainder of the long wire I use to hook into the foliage of the wreath.

TOP TIP: I chose to keep my baubles only at the top of the wreath for a contemporary look, but evenly spaced baubles all around the wreath will look pretty too.



word wreath

HOW TO: This one is even easier! I used very little wire to secure the ribbon loops of the decorations to the foliage. Seeing the ribbon from the decoration is part of the look and the wire just secures the decoration in place. For this look you don’t need a lot of decorations.

TOP TIP: I chose to stick to an all white theme but adding red and white ribbon will look lovely too and give a fresh Nordic Christmas feel.



cabbages wreath

HOW TO: Decorative fresh cabbage flowers are so showy. Because of their size you only need 3 flower heads and a pretty ribbon for this look. Cut the florist wire about 15cm long and pierce the thick stem of the cabbage flower and wrap the wire around the stem a few times to secure. Use the remainder of the wire length to tie the flower heads to the top of the wreath. Choose a pretty ribbon to make a bow that will finish off this gorgeous wreath.

TOP TIP: Jazz up this style by draping more thin ribbon around the whole wreath, adding more colour and interest.


Feature, Photos & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles 

Winter Scents For Your Home

Fragrance your home this winter with uplifting scents to warm your soul. Light up a candle and get transported by the glow and atmosphere these seasonal scents provide. Here are a selection of the best winter scents:


‘Frosted Cherry and Clove’ is the new Christmas candle from Jo Malone. Being produced in a 3-wick, this candle is poured into a red frosted class holder with silver look lid, making this candle super special and part of a limited edition range.

Jo Malone Frosted Cherry & Clove Deluxe Candle

Jo Malone Frosted Cherry & Clove Deluxe Candle – image supplied by Jo Malone



A fresh, light, white scent that is a lovely alternative for the winter months. ‘Where Lily Worked’ by Illumens Candles, is a great looking candle in a black holder with an interesting script style label and ribbon, perfect to use all around the home.

Where Lily Worked candle by Illumens Candles

Where Lily Worked candle by Illumens Candles – image by theoda



If you are after a real sophisticated Christmas scent, look no further than The White Company’s ‘Winter’ range. This full collection includes scented candles in different sizes and styles, room spray, pomanders, diffusers and more. This is one of my all-time winter favourites.

Winter candle & pomander by The White Company

Winter candle & pomander by The White Company  – image by theoda



Go über luxe with ‘Amber Aoud’, created by British Master Perfumer, Roja Dove. A deep sensual scent, this black wax candle in gold glass with shiny gold lid, oozes sophistication and glamour. A true perfume for the home.

Amber Aoud candle by Roja Dove

Amber Aoud candle by Roja Dove – image by theoda



I just adore this ‘Abd El Kader’ by Cire Trudon in the handblown emerald green glass with gold scalloped label. A green scent dominated by mint and ginger’s hot and peppered air, this gorgeous scent is a great candle and my choice of all year round favourite.

Abd El Kader by Cire Trudon

Abd El Kader by Cire Trudon – image by theoda


Feature, Photos & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

Jo Malone candle image supplied by Jo Malone

5 Minute Ideas for Christmas

With the crazy season approaching fast, it’s so ironic that when we want to make our home the most beautiful, time is at a premium and all those special ideas never gets realised because there’s just not enough time in the day. That’s way I want to show you these four ideas that won’t take you more that 5 minutes each to recreate in your own home.


Dress your dining chairs with foliage corsages

Dress your dining chairs with foliage corsages.

Dress your dining chairs with foliage corsages

Don’t stop at dressing your table, jazz up your dining chairs with corsages made form garden foliage, ribbon and one simple Christmas decoration.

How to: Simply tie a small bunch of spruce, rosemary and white showberries together with a piece of florist wire. Add your decoration and lastly tie together with a pretty ribbon to compliment your scheme. Now attach this foliage corsage to the back of your chair with a second piece of the same ribbon.

Top Tip: Using a fragrant foliage like rosemary will also scent your room.

Similar white wooden decorations from Retreat Home. Ribbon from Jane Means.



White Owl candle from Limelace

White Owl candle from Limelace

Make the most of a dull, forgotten corner or add interest to a window sill. It’s these little displays that looks like you have made an effort and they won’t go unnoticed by your family and guests alike.

How To: Elaborately shaped candles are big news this season. Look out for cute woodland animals, pine cones or tree shaped ones. This owl is so on trend with the whole woodland theme and it looks great as part of the books and trophy styling display. Add a bit of Ivy to add colour and life and lit that candle for a warm glow.

Top Tip: After lighting a new candle let it burn a bit and then snip the wick quite short so that the flame stays short and does not burn too tall and wildly. Remember, never to leave candles unattended.

White Owl Candle from Limelace.



A lantern is so versatile in winter and summer months, indoors and outside alike, the possibilities are just endless.

How To: Make a wintery moment by lining your lantern with fresh moss and add a few pine cones for a seasonal feel. To be safe, use tea light holders to burn your candles in. These ceramic ones gives off a lovely warm yellow light.

Top Tip: Instead of pine cones, fill the lantern with cinnamon sticks, they will look great too and gives off a lovely sweet scent.

For the best lantern selection try Nordic House.



Table pacesetting with holly, snowberries and rosemary

Table place setting with holly, snowberries and rosemary

Make each guest feel special by making an extra effort with their place setting. These ideas make such an impact, yet takes hardly any time at all.

How To: Just a few sprigs of foliage is required for each setting. In the first picture an opening decoration is used as a mini vase. The second picture is just an informally placed napkin with three sprigs of rosemary and a simple decoration to hold it down.

Top Tip: Great if you are super organised and have the exact amount of decorations for each place setting, but if not don’t fret, alternating them or even a complete mix of different decorations will work just as well. Just be prepared to say good-bye to most of them as your guest will love this idea so much, they will want to take their decoration home as a keepsake.

Opening heart decoration from Notonthehighstreet. For a selection of white wooden words and decorations try Retreat Home.

Photos, Feature & Styling by Theoda Solms Iles

Please Note: NEVER leave candles unattended!

Do Christmas The White Company way.

When thinking of The White Company, words like elegant, stylish and chic springs to mind. Over the years they have stayed true to their style and yet every season they inspire us with even more beautiful items. I have yet still to meet the person that does not just love The White Company. Although that it’s true that I’m a self obsessed colour addict and would choose colour every time, I always find myself wondering into their stores and wishing my home could look like this. And who am I to say that grey, silver and white are not colours after all?

Below are their new items for Christmas, in store now but you have to be quick, everything is selling like hotcakes!

A Beautifully dressed mantle piece by The White Company

A beautifully dressed mantle piece by The White Company

Above: Madison Arched Mirror , £195, Henry Dean Candle Holders, Small £80, Large £180, Portofino Glass Candle, £30, Henry Dean Bowl, £225, Frosted Pinecone & Fir Garland, £70, Kubu Planter, £25, Nesting Baskets, Set of 2, £80, Snowflake Paper Decorations Set of 3 – £12, Silver Concertina Balls, Set of 3, £15, all The White Company.


White and Silver dressed Christmas table by The White Company

White and Silver dressed Christmas table by The White Company

Above: Portofino Glass Candle , £30, Snowflake Paper Decorations, Set of 3, £12, Silver Concertina Balls, Set of 3, £15, Bell Paper Decorations, Set of 3, £14, Glitter Onion Decoration, £8, Pillar Candle Holder, Large£45, Bell Dinner Candle Holder, £25, Bell Pillar Candle Holder, £25, Wine Glass, Set of 2, £30, all The White Company.


Dress the dresser, by The White Company

Dress the dresser, by The White Company

Stoneware Rectangular Platter, £20, Small Stoneware Storage Jar, £25, Stoneware Mug, £10, Stoneware Heart Oven Dish, £40, Stoneware Cake Plate, £35, Stoneware Heart Oven Dish (Small), £20, Fine Stoneware Dinner Plate, £12, Artisan Stoneware Dinner Plate, £12, Hanging Paper House (Set of 3), £15, Heart Plate Small, £8, Pasta Bowls, £15, Stoneware Teapot, £45, Mini Faux English Pine Tree, £25, The White Company.


White and Silver Christmas decorations by The White Company

White and Silver Christmas decorations by The White Company

Above: Glitter Stripe Bauble, £8, Glitter Stripe Bauble Small (Set of 3), £12, Glass Spiral Bauble, £8, Glitter Onion Decoration, £8, Glitter Heart Decoration, £5, White Matt Bauble, £6, Porcelain Decorations s/6, £12, Porcelain Bell Decoration, £6, Hanging Paper House s/3, £ 15, Concertina Balls s/3, £15, Beaded Star, £5, Porcelain Bird Dec, £6, Large Mercury Bauble, £10, Mini Geometric Mercury Decorations (pack of 6), £12 Pinecone Bauble Fairy Lights, £35, all The White Company.


Christmas bedroom by The White Company

Christmas bedroom by The White Company

Above: Frosted Pinecone & Fir Wreath, £50, Luxury Short Faux Fur Collection – Almond Throw, from £100, £50, Mother of Pearl Picture Frame (8×10) – £70 Breakfast In Bed Tray, £50, Stoneware teapot, £45, Stoneware Mug, £10, all The White Company.


All image supplied by The White Company

Feature by Theoda Solms Iles